Fun Activities

Come Sail Away With Us!

There’s no question about it: Sayulita is packed with things to see and do, but remember, this holiday is supposed to be a chance for you to relax and recharge as well! So, after you’ve been to the beach, wined and dined, and shopped until you dropped, why not treat yourself to some real downtime and float away with us on a private sailboat tour?

Custom Tour - Tequila

The history of tequila is a colorful one, and even includes a long-standing Hatfield and McCoy-like feud between the first two mass producers of the spirit. But if we dial up the Wayback machine in order to find the origin of the name of the town as well as the drink, we find both inextricably linked to the ancient volcano which silently watches over the city much as it has for over 200,000 years.